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Welcome to our website page for Visiting Preachers. We hope you find the information helpful when preparing your time of worship with us at Trinity.

Trinity is a large church with an average Sunday morning attendance of just under 100, comprising all ages.  We welcome services that incorporate modern and traditional styles.

Please click on the appropriate links for further information which we hope will be useful.

Before the Day

On the day



We regularly use songs and hymns from a variety of sources with a mix of both traditional and modern within each service.

  • We are able to include a wide range of more modern music using Singing the Faith.
  • We display the words on two large TV monitors. This requires preachers to select material appropriately copyrighted. We hold both CCLI and Calamus licences.
  • Please ensure you specify which version of hymn/song you wish to use as they can vary.
  • Any queries can be resolved by liaising either directly with the Music Co-ordinator or our Administrator.

The liturgy and the Hymns and Songs printed or displayed during the service need to have been checked for Copyright compliance by our Copyright checker.



The Bible translation normally used at Trinity is the New International Version (NIV), but other translations are available, which we take from the ‘Bible Gateway Website’ as an electronic version.  ( )

  •  We would like you to specify which translation you would prefer, so that we can co-ordinate the reading with the on-screen words.
  • Trinity can often provide volunteers to read the lessons so please advise if this is your choice.



Visiting preachers are normally responsible for the prayers of intercession but with sufficient notice, Trinity may be able to provide a volunteer to lead the intercessions.

At Trinity we have an ‘Intercessions Book’, which provides information about our community and concerns for those who are in special need of prayer, which will be given to you either with the offering or before, depending on the Order of Service.

  • If you have any ‘Pointers for Prayer’ you wish to share with us we will add these in to our Notice Sheet.  Please provide these with your Order of Service.


IT Matters

At Trinity we use two high definition TV monitors onto which we present as much or as little of the service as the preacher wishes.  The presentation for screening is compiled by the IT Compiler, as a PowerPoint presentation. We normally display the Hymns, Bible readings Lord’s Prayer and any other links between the Order of Service. To help our projectionist the following information is required:

  • A detailed Order of Service, including Hymns/Songs and the Bible Readings.
  • Specify the bible translation chosen for each reading.
  • Any words required as congregational responses (usually during prayers).
  • Any images needing to be shown.
  • Words to any Songs not in the usual hymn books.

We can also display on the screens sections of Communion and Baptism liturgy taken from the Methodist Worship Book.  Any other specific wording required will need to be provided (preferably electronically).

Please note that the more you wish to have displayed the more notice is required.

You may find the screens not easily visible to you so please have any additional liturgy and words to songs to hand.

Any special requests or queries can be resolved by liaising either directly with the IT Compiler or our Administrator.



A full sound desk is available at Trinity that enables us to amplify, play and record most things.

  • There are fixed microphones at the pulpit and lectern.
  • A radio lapel microphone is provided for you which feeds into a loop system for the hard of hearing.
  • Other microphones, both fixed and hand-held, are available as required.
  • The Sermon is recorded and is added to the Trinity website.

Any special requests or queries can be resolved by liaising either directly with the Sound Operative or our Administrator.


Notices and Order of Service

Both the Notices and the Order of Service are printed at the Church on the Thursday morning prior to the Sunday.

Please send your information by e-mail or as an attachment in Word format to by the Wednesday evening preceding the Sunday at the latest.  If the Order of Service needs to be phoned through, our Administrator is available only from 9.00 am until 12.30 am each morning. The Church Office phone number is 01483 730754.

Should you wish to discuss the Service with the Steward on duty or with any of the team involved in Worship at Trinity, please add this to your e-mail, with your contact details, or speak directly to our Administrator.


Before the Service

  • The Church will be open from 9.30 am on the Sunday morning.
  • Parking is available for you opposite the East entrance.
  • There are normally two Stewards on duty each Sunday morning to assist you.
  • The Stewards will point out the Prayer Pointers from the Intercessions Book.


The Service   

Worship can be led from anywhere on the dais in a manner most comfortable to you.

  •  A Steward will light the two candles on the communion table before the Service starts.

You will be invited to take a seat on the dais, whilst the second Steward will announce any Notices to the congregation, before introducing and welcoming you, although the notices may be combined with the sharing of stories. This will be confirmed on the day.

After the first hymn it is our practise to share any stories of faith that have happened in the previous week with the rest of the congregation. The preacher should include "stories" on the Order of Service and ask the congregation if they have stories to share.  There could of course be none.


Junior Church

Our children now go straight through to Junior Church for their own worship. They may come in and join the rest of the Church Family just before the last hymn when they will give a very short update of what their worship was that morning and also may read a prayer.  Our Children & Family worker will advise you of what will be happening, but please appreciate that sometimes this can be a moveable decision.  Also please be aware that on the third Sunday of the month they have Messy Church.  They do not join us on these Sundays but the Church Family is very welcome to join them after the main service.



An offertory is taken for the life and work of the church in the circuit, during morning worship wherever in the Service is appropriate for you.  The offertory will be brought to the front for you to receive it on the brass plate placed by the Communion table.

  • The red Intercessions Prayer book will also be offered for dedication at this point for use in the prayers of Intercessions. (See the section on Prayers in the Before the Service link for more information.)
  • Once dedicated the collection plate is placed on the communion table.


Communion (when applicable)

When Holy Communion forms part of the Service, the elements will have been placed on the communion table before the service and covered with a white tablecloth.  Additionally a symbolic loaf and a chalice of wine are presented to the presiding Minister immediately preceding the offertory. 

  • The liturgy is usually taken from the Methodist Worship Book.
  • Please advise the Season and commencing page number.
  • Where alternative liturgies are chosen, the full text should be presented for printing or electronically, so that the text can be displayed on the screens.

It is our practice to encourage all young people including infants to partake at communion or be offered a blessing.

Trinity have a dedicated team of Communion Stewards who will assist with the logistics as required. However we offer our usual practice for consideration.

  • The first people to take communion are the Musicians and Communion Stewards.
  • The musicians will then provide songs or quiet music whilst the congregation receive communion.
  • Normally we have a continuous flow for the congregation
  • The Stewards will act as ushers to direct people forward down the central aisle and back to their seats using the side aisles after taking Communion.
  • The presiding Minister stands at the foot of the central aisle, to dispense the bread.
  • Two Stewards, one on either side, will have trays of individual wine glasses and will dispense the wine on their side.
  • Two additional Stewards will collect the empty glasses.
  • The Minister will be advised of anyone wishing to receive communion in their seat.
  • The communion concludes with a collection for the Benevolence Fund during the final hymn/song.


After the Service

At the end of the service the congregation enjoy a time of fellowship and especially talking to the Preacher. You will be encouraged by the Steward to stand at the East Exit door to shake hands with the congregation as they leave, and/or join them in the courtyard later where refreshments are served.


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